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Welcome To World War Gaming!

We are a gaming community thriving to be at the top of the leaderboard with a top of the line professionalism.  Be assured, staff members will always treat you with respect and will never favor other players over you.  We are here to run a clean and fair gaming community.  Each game server’s rules may differ but we aim to provide the best gaming experience possible by allowing players the freedom to play the way it was intended; UNINTERRUPTED!

This means as little admin interference as possible.  We care not for your drama between other groups, this is a PvP community – trash talk is going to happen, we know!  However, when we can tell the toxic situation is getting out of control, we will do our best to help mediate.

We run a clean and fair Gaming Community and hold high regards for professionalism when it comes to our staff and the way they present themselves in or out of the game. We will never push players off our server. If any of our Admins DO PLAY they will play by a stricter code of conduct to ensure all fair play. We will do everything we can to talk all issues out with players if at all possible, however, this also depends on the players’ attitude and if they are willing to calm down and be respectful.  If you see an admin in chat or in-game be respectful, they will not treat you unfairly. We are here to not only gain new members into our community but also retain the ones we do have.


1) No hacking. Breaking this rule will result in a permanent ban from our servers. We pride ourselves on being a strong but fair server and this rule is vital to each game in our community.

2) No Bullying, no racism, hate speech, or bigotry will be tolerated. While we encourage rivalries and a little trash talking, harassment of this sort will not be tolerated.

3) No glitching or abuse of exploits. Depending on the severity you will be warned to cease usage or in some cases banned without warning up to the discretion of the admin online.

4) No extreme griefing. It’s Hardcore, not Toxic.

5) Please do not disrespect our admins. If you have any grievance or issue with a specific admin please take your complaint to an admin you trust. Your opinion here is valued, but arguing is a touchy subject. Respectful disagreements are acceptable and you may sway our opinion, but do not come at us with a bullying or abusive tone. We will treat you with respect, please do the same.

6) No building within 1000 meters from any airfield or major military camp. No blocking of major loot areas (i.e. police stations).

Rules might be modified/updated at any time to accommodate the needs of the community. Any reports on players breaking these rules must include evidence to back your claim. We as admins will do our best to clear the server of any abusive player, however, if you are reporting someone you need something to bring us other than just your word. Screenshots or video proof is absolutely necessary. We will not force our players to re-enact the Salem witch trials.

If you are banned for any reason you have the right to join voice chat and talk to an admin about the issue, although we understand you may be under stress over the situation please try to be respectful about it.



CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1270v6 – 4c/8t – 3.8 GHz/4.2 GHz

RAM: 64GB DDR4 ECC 2400 MHz

DISKS: 2x 450 SSD NVME – Soft Raid

OS: Windows Server 2016

Public network card: 1 Gbps Up to 500GB of DDOS Protection – Custom UDP/TCP firewall (3 Firewalls in total)